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The Schubert Centre got its start in 1981 as a community centre for seniors.

About the Schubert Centre

The Schubert Centre got its start in 1981 as a community centre for seniors. Based in Vernon’s Schell House, it was a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, but there was still a great need in Vernon for a larger facility where seniors could engage as a community and get help when they needed it.

The local chapter of the Knights of Columbus, a charitable organization, raised $1.75 million to plan, design and build the current facility over three years.

Ever since the new Schubert Centre opened its doors in 1984, it’s been a social and recreational hot spot for seniors. It started with 360 founding members and has grown to more than 1,200 today.

The building is buzzing with a range of activities every day, seven day a week.

Volunteers Needed

We’re currently accepting senior volunteers to help us make a difference in the community at Schubert Centre. Their wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience make this place the fantastic resource it is. Our volunteers make a difference every day.

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Vernon community involvement is a key component of Schubert’s continued success. Through community partnerships and alliances, the centre consistently offers a diverse selection of informational events and activities to keep seniors and the public informed and involved.

Facility Manager

Services at the Schubert Centre

The Schubert Centre provides practical support for seniors, including:

  • Transportation and housing assistance
  • Arrangement of home supports
  • Medical and financial information
  • Counseling with a certified gerontological social worker
  • Documentation and form completion

We’re here to give seniors the help they need. Just ask. 250-549-4201

Schubert Centre Society

Staff and volunteers at the Schubert Centre diligently uphold the 1998 United Nations Principles for Older Persons resolution, which states that seniors have the right to dignity, care, independence, participation, and self-fulfillment in society as a whole.

The Schubert Centre Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization and began operating in February 1988. The society is largely run by volunteers.

Schubert does not receive any provincial or federal monetary support, so catering and food services are the primary source of income that supports the centre’s programs. Operations rely primarily on donations and income generated through Schubert’s food services.

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