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Schubert Centre loves to create the perfect menu for your event. We will meet with you, discuss your needs and then create a menu that will have everyone talking!

Delivery is unavailable at this time

Call 250-549-4201 for all inquiries and a free quote!


Pop/Juice   $2.00/person

Liquor   $7.00/person

Happy Hour   $6.00/person

Coffee/Tea   $2.50/person

20+ people   $2.00/person

40+ people   $1.50/person


Cheese & Crackers   $3.00/person

Vegetable Platter    $4.00/person

Fruit Platter    $4.00/person

Charcuterie Board    $6.00/person

Sandwich Platter    $5.00/person

Dessert Platter    $2.50/person


Continental Breakfast   $9.00

 (Cereal, hardboiled egg, muffins, croissant, jams, butter, fruit, salad)

Full Breakfast    $18.00

(Bacon or sausage, toast, eggs, fruit, choice of muffin or pancake)


Soup & half sandwich    $6.25

Soup    $4.00

Side salad    $4.00

Meal salad    $12.50

No protein  $10.00

Full Sandwich: $5.25

Full Lunch    $20.00

(Entree, soup OR side salad, dessert)


Basic dinner    $25.00

(Entree, soup OR side salad, dessert)

Three Course Dinner

(Protein, soup OR side salad, two sides, dessert)

Chicken   $30.00

Pork/Ham    $32.50

Beef    $35.00

Turkey    $35.00

Dietary Restrictions

Vegan, Gluten Free, etc.

Additional $3.50/person - breakfast

Additional $5.50/person - Lunch/Dinner

Additional $0.25/person - Desserts

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